Business Plan Services:

Cost of business plans and financial plans are calculated individually, to determine the exact costs please contact us.

Accounting Services:

Monthly accounting service fee is calculated based on the number of the provided documents and the complexity of them. To determine the exact costs please contact us.

Why Choose us?

ADEPTA believes that as a business owner, your time is best spent doing what you do best – business. Rather than operational and routine jobs that reduce your productive time, you will benefit more if you spend your time in dealing with clients, suppliers and your staff. Here are some reasons ADEPTA is the best solution to your accounting and bookkeeping needs:
Outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping services lets you save up to 40% in costs as compared to using in-house resources. You do not need to worry about hiring, salary, fringe benefits, worker’s compensation, insurance, employee training and management, office space and other related costs. Of course, this also includes saving on payroll taxes and Unemployment Insurance.

Hiring us for your accounting and bookkeeping functions comes with an assurance of security of your data. We have a robust data security system to ensure that there is no compromise with your data and it is kept confidential at all times.

Cooperation with ADEPTA allows you to easily access highly qualified and experienced staff.

Customer Testimonials

Ronald - Sonrons Ltd

Ronald - Sonrons Ltd

Accounting experts of Adepta have been providing us with high quality accounting services during these years of cooperation, on top of that they have been giving us valuable financial guidance. We definitely recommend Adepta, if you value precision, service and quality.

Ramona - Dekonoma Ltd

Ramona - Dekonoma Ltd

I always had this association that accountants are especially cold and boring people, but since I have been working with Baiba my thoughts have changed. Baiba is positive, does not talk around, she is calm and only peace and professionalism is radiating from her. She helps me concentrate only on my creative work and she always finds the best solution at an any given moment.